What is Chem-E Car?

Chem-E Car is an engineering design competition organized by national AIChE. Teams must design and build a shoebox-sized car which is powered by chemical reactions. The car must be able to travel 15-30 m while carrying a load of 0-500 mL of water. Teams are judged on safety, creativity, and car performance. Each spring, Rice competes at the Southwest Regional Student Conference. The top teams of each regional competition go to the national competition in the fall, which is held in conjunction with the national AIChE Meeting.

For more information about Chem-E Car, see the national competition rules.

To see what a Chem-E car looks like, see the  2014 Regionals Poster.


Members of the Chem-E Car team

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If you are interested in joining our team or you have any questions about Rice Chem-E Car, please feel free to email aiche@rice.edu