AIChE Job Resource Center – AfterColleges hosts a website that lists jobs and internships.

calculator project – A webpage that replaces much of the functionality of “Start 301” in a friendly web based interface. This may make life a lot happier for all of you sophomores.

Integrator – You should seriously invest in a TI-89 but here it is anyways.

Measurement Converter – It rocks! and it knows R, the gas constant.

WWW Unit Converter – Easy and fast.

Frink unit-savvy converter – I hear it’s better than using Google (FYI, Google uses some weird gallon unit that’s not the US or imperial number but something in between).

Convert – The conversion program that Sam Horn opens more than Word.

Dynamic Periodic Table – Calls Wikipedia’s article on the element. Also has a neat temperature slider that gives pure substance phase information.

Periodic Table – I should know the mass of nitrogen, but I don’t.

Web Elements – It has 3rd grade-style information about elements.

NIST Webbook – My savior.

Chemistry Webbook – What’s the enthalpy of CO2 at 125 atm and 1320 R? – It’s told me the formula weight of styrene like 20 times.

Gas Constant Values – Wait, the gas constant EXISTS in Chu per lb-mol K?

Laplace Transforms – When you’re a senior, you’ll appreciate this link.